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Infinite Prints continues to focus on students at OSU

One-hundred dollars and a persistent attitude can push you to places you never thought you would reach in life.

For Pete Craver and Daniel Woodruff, they were ready to be persistent when it came time to start their own business as students at Oklahoma State University.

“I knew I wanted to start and run a business,” said Craver, a professional aviation senior. “I wanted to make things, and I figured the first time I ran a business I was going to fail, right? It’s kind of just what happens.”

Yet, he didn’t.

With only $100, Craver and Woodruff flipped their money into a second-place win at a business planning competition. From that, Craver and Woodruff have made “tens of thousands of dollars” in revenue.

Their t-shirt printing company, Infinite Prints, had their first costumer 2 years ago in the African Student Organization. Since then, Infinite Prints has printed t-shirts for a multitude of organizations on campus including several fraternities and sororities.

“With OSU we are doing a lot of work one-on-one with different groups,” Craver said. “We are kind of thinking about what they need to do. So maybe they are trying to resell their stuff to help raise money for a cause, so we are willing to work with them on that and give them a price break.”

The company originally outsourced their printing operations, then they grew to having one heat press. But now Infinite prints is much better equipped for everyone’s needs.

“Now we’ve grown to have a bunch of different presses,” Craver said. “We have an embroidery machine, and we do all kinds of different stuff. Not just t-shirts but jackets and hats and everything else.”

Craver isn’t just running this business for himself, he is also helping OSU out in his venture.

Infinite Prints continues to grow under the direction of Craver and Woodruff. The company will soon be moving into a warehouse on the outskirts of town, their social media presence has grown and a website is quickly on the way.

Students are at the forefront of Craver’s mind when it comes to his business model and who he would like to cater to, and it can be seen in the work he and his staff have put into Infinite Prints.

“We are just really excited to work with students,” Craver said. “We are entirely student run and owned. So we would love to work with you and hopefully we are able to continue helping everybody throughout the future.”